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Do You Want To Be A Programmer? And You Don’t Know Where You Should Start. Let’s Talk About It Little Bit About Best Android Apps For Learning Coding & Programming.

Before Proceeding This Article We Will Talk About  A Situation Which Might Motivate You. As We Know Programming Is Not Easy To Learn And If You Join Any Institute They Will Charge You High Amount Of Money. Many Of Our Parents Can Not Afford The Charge Of The Institute. That’s Why They Will Not Give Money To Join The Institute. But You Are Dying To Learn Programming Languages.

Assume One More Situation You Might Be School Student Or College Student. And You Can’t Join Any Institute Because of The Problem Of Money. Or You Belong To The Rural Area. There Is Not Institute Is Available To Learn Programming. In That Case, You Can Be Using The Help Of Some Android Application.

Using These applications You Can Be A Good Programmer Compare To The Institute’s Programmer. Because They Will Be Thought By The Teacher’s And You Will Learn By Yourself. Because You Don’t Have Any Other Option. And Believe Me, If You Learn By Yourself You Will Became A Good Programmer. Because Self Thought Person Is Very Hard All The Time. Because They Will Think Differently Because Of Their Open Mind.

If You Belongs To Indian Then You Will Understand These situations Very Well. Because These Things I Have Already Faced Before 4 Years Ago. It Really Hurts But I Became What Other’s Can’t I am Also Self Thought. I Learn Everything From the Internet I Never Went Any Computer Institute To Learn Anything. That’s Why I Am Telling You These Things.

Now Let’s Come To Point That Which Application You Should Use To Learn Programming And Coding. Becoming A Programmer Is Not Really Easy You Have To Learn Almost All Language But You Should Become A Master One Of Them. Choose One Language Which You Want To Learn And Practise Hard Because Practise Makes Perfect. I Hope You Heard This Quote Before It Is Really Very Famous.

Best Android Apps For Learning Coding & Programming

1. SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free

This Is Very Good And Useful Application To Learn Coding & Programming. I Contains Thousands Of Fresh Coding Topics To Learn Programming Concepts. Also Has Very Large Number Of Programmer Community. Their Content Is Very Fresh. Using This App You Can Code There They Give You The Inbuilt Text Editor And Console To Compile. You Can Create Your Own Programming Challenges And There You Can Solve Other Challenges And Get The Valuable Position There. Once You Complete The Lesson You Will Also Get The Certificate. The Rating OF This App Is 4.8 / 5 On Google Play Store. Which Is The Sign Of The Good Application. Using This You Can Learn Many Programming & Web Languages Some Are HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Python, C, C++, Java, Kotlin, SQL, PHP, Ruby, Swift, Git Etc.

2. Encode: Learn to Code

Encode Is Android Application Used For Learning Programming And Coding. More Than Over 100,000+ Is Using This Application For Learning The Coding And Programming. This Application Is Offered And Developed By Upskew Pty. Ltd. Using This App You Can Learn Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS And More. Using This You Can Learn Anywhere Because I Will Also Work When You Will Be Offline. This Rating Of This Application Is Very Good 4.7 / 5 On Google Play Store. This Application Is Free You Don’t Need Pay Any Amount Of Money For Downloading.

3. Code Hub

Code Hub Is Also A Very Good Android App To Learn Programming And Coding. Using This Application You Can Learn Coding In Many Language Which Are English, Hindi, and Telugu. You Can Learn Web Development Programming Stuffs By The Use Of This Application.

So These Are The Best Application Which You Should Use If Want To Learn Programming. There Are Many Other Android Applications You Can Use That As Well. But These Are The Apps Which I Really Suggest You Use. Or You Can Also Go To For Learning Programming And Web Development.

If You Have Any Other Apps Which Is Really Good Then You Can Tell Me In Comment Section I Will Try To Add That On This Article. Which Might Helps Others To Learn Coding And Programming.

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