Enable And Disable Instagram Two Factor Authentication

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Hello Friends If You Have A Instagram And You Are Too Much Offend About The Security Of Your Instagram Account. Then The Blog Gives The Idea That How You Can do Such A thing?. To Keep Your Instagram Account Safe Because In This Post I Will Tech You That How To Enable And Disable Instagram Two Factor Authentication.

Let’s Understand This Concept Briefly. Assume A Situation You Are In Bus Or Train And You Have To Login Your Instagram. What You Will Do? You Will Simple Open Instagram Account And Login There. But What If Someone Is Watching That What You Are Entering. And He or She Remember That Password And Login You Account And Change Everything Like Email, Username I Mean Everything.

If This Thing Happens Then You Will Loose The Access Of Your Instagram Account. So Here One Things Comes In Role Which Two Factor Authentication. What Basically Two Factor Authentication Do?. It Enables The Extra Layer Of Security. Somehow If Attacker Get Your Instagram Password But If Two-Factor Authentication Is Enabled He Can’t logged in Your Instagram Account Because You Will Get OTP (One Time Password) Which Will Comes In Your Mobile Number. Without That Six Digit Code He Will Not Be Able To Get Access To You Instagram Account.

In Simple Language Once You Enable Two Factor You Instagram Account Will Be Very Secured. If Someone Has Your Instagram Password But Still Without OTP (One Time Password)  He Can’t Get Access To Your Account.

Enable And Disable Instagram Two Factor AuthenticationEnable And Disable Instagram Two Factor Authentication

Let’s Learn That How We Can Enable Or Disable Instagram Two Factor Authentication.

1. Open The App And Login Your Instagram Account.

2. Go To Settings.

3. Click On Two-Factor authentication.

4. After Than Click On Get Started.

5. Choose Text Message Or Authentication App It’s Totally Upon You Which Option You Want To Use.

6. Add Your Phone Number ( If You Number Will Already Added Then You Will Get The Code).

7. Enter Your OTP (One Time Password) After That Click On Next.

8. Now Your Two-Factor Authentication Is Click On Done.

9. Save You Recovery Codes Just Take Screenshot And Remember One Of Them.

If You Want To Disable Instagram Two-Factor Authentication Just Go To The Two-Factor Authentication And Disable From There. This Is Damm Easy.

One Question Might Be Arising In Your Mind What If I Don’t Have Phone Number Can I Login My Instagram Account. Answer Is Yes You Can Do It Using Your Recovery Codes. Once You Enabled The Two-Factor Authentication You Will Get 5 Recovery Codes And Each Code Will Be Used At Once. So You Can log in Five Times Without Phone Number By Using Your Recovery Code After That You Can Again Generate New Codes. You Can Generate Unlimited Times Recovery Codes. Because Once You Use One Code Then It Will Be Expire Automatically And Will Not Work Twice.

So This Is How You Can Enable Or Disable You Instagram Two-Factor Authentication. If You Stuck In Some Point Feel Free To Comment Below I Will Try Resolve Your Problem As Soon As Possible.

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