How to Format SD Card On Android Mobile Phone

How to Format SD Card On Android Mobile Phone

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As much as the internal memory of the phone, people using Android definitely use SD cards. A big advantage of this is that you do not think before downloading big files. But sometimes you need to format your SD card due to a virus or any other reason. But now you can format your card by putting it in the phone. How will this happen? Read this article to know this.

Format SD Card On Android phone

First of all, you have to go to the Settings of your phone, where you have to click on the Storage option:

After this you have to click on Erase SD Card . See, above this, the total space available in your card and the free space is showing:

Now click on Erase & Format to confirm :

During this process, do not try to remove the SD card from the phone at all. As soon as the card is formatted, SD card is ready will appear on the screen . Here you have to click on Done :

On the next screen, you will again see how much space is in the SD card and how much is available space.