Top 5 Best Android Applications For Editing Pictures

Top 5 Best Android Applications For Editing Pictures

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Hello friends, We love to upload pictures on social media like Facebook and Instagram, etc. For that, I am going to tell you about the Top 5 Best Android Applications For Editing Pictures. we shoot pictures from our phones and cameras. but some time what happens is that picture not looks exactly what we expect. Sometimes the brightness of the picture is low or sometimes it goes bright.

So in simple word we face hundreds of problems while capturing images. but sometimes we fix the problem while editing the pictures. So in this article, I’m going to show you the top 5 best android applications for Editing Pictures. by using these apps you can edit your picture into the next level. because these apps give hundreds of features which help you to do smooth photo editing.

1. Lens Distortions

This App is very popular and very handly for editing pictures. you can install this app from the play store without paying any type of charges. you don’t need to pay any charges to download. by using this app you can edit your selfie, portate and any types of pictures that you capture. the rating of this app is good on the play store. which indicates a good sign to use this app.

Once you install the apps you have to simply add your picture on it. after that, you can apply different types of filters like sunset sunrise and many more. you can add snow and fogs on your pictures and change the looks.

2. Zoetropic

When it comes to giving the cinematic effect on the pictures the zoetropic comes first. by using this app you can give the motion effect or Cinemagraph effect on your photo. the good thing about this app is that you will not lose the quality of the image. the rating of this app on the play store is good which is 4.2.

3. TouchRetouch

When we capture an image there are many more things on the background which we don’t want to add. but we don’t have the right to remove the things while capturing the picture. so here this app comes in the role. Using the TouchRetouch app you can remove unwanted stuff from your picture. Using this app you can remove your pimple and dark circle from your face. the rating is also very good on the play store which is 4.6.

4. Lightroom

This app is very important for every photographer because it comes with many awesome and advanced features. Which helps the photographer to edit their captured pictures. by using this app you can capture images and manipulate the color grading which will make you pictures beautiful.

you can download this app from the google play store and install it on your mobile phone. once you installed you need to create an account on adobe. if you have already created then just sign in. Then you will be able to add photos on the app. you can get the paid version of this app by paying some amount of money using google pay. after that, all the pro features will get unlocked.

5. Snapseed

Snapsheed is a very cool and handy photo editing application for android mobile phones. you can edit your RAW and JPEG images without losing the quality of the picture. this app is created and published by Google. Snapsheed comes with 29 tools and effects that you can use while editing your pictures.

Many professional photo editing use this application to edit their picture because of its tools. one of the best tools I use that is Selective Filter Brush. you can download Snapseed from the google play store and use it on your android mobile phone. this app is totally free you don’t need to buy any kind of subscription to use this app for editing.


So these are the Top 5 Best Android Applications For Editing Pictures that you can use for editing your pictures. these apps are very popular and powerful on the internet. by using these apps you can do CB Editing and Color Correction, Lens Flare and many more editing jobs easily. I personally use these apps for a long time. I also capture and edit pictures and post them on social media websites.

So I hope you get the answer which is the top 5 best pictures editing application for android mobile devices. go and install these apps and test them out. and let me know in the comment section.

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