How To Install WordPress On Windows 10 Using XAMPP

How To Install WordPress On Windows 10 Using XAMPP

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Well, friends If You Are Going To Learn WordPress And You Don’t Have Money To Buy Domain And Hosting Then You Are At Right Place Here I Will Teach You How To Install WordPress On Windows 10 Using XAMPP.

You Might Belong To Belong To Poor Family or Your Financial Condition Is Not Good But Want To Learn WordPress. We Can Do That Without Any Investment By Install WordPress Locally On Computer.

First You Don’t Need an Internet Connection To Learn Once You Have Finished The Installation Process But If You Want To Launch Your Website On Internet You Must Have To Buy Hosting And Domain And Anyone Can Search Your Site On Internet And Get You Content From There.

What Is Hosting?

Hosting Is Nothing But A Kind Of Place Where We Put Our Website’s Files (Codes).

What Is Domain?

Domain Is Just A Name Like Your Name When Anyone Want To Search You What They Do? They Call Your Name And You Understand That Someone Is Calling Me I Have to Listen to That Persona In The Same Manner Domain Name Do The Same Job.

Domain Is Only The Name OF Your Website.  We Will Talk About That Later Article Otherwise This Article Will Become Very Boring. So Let’s Come To The Point.

How To Install WordPress On Windows 10 Using XAMPP

First Of All, You Need A Application Called XAMPP. You Can Download It From Is Offical Website Or You Can Simply Google XAMPP. What The XAMPP Basically Do? XAMPP is a Very Simple, Lightweight Apache Distribution that Creates A Local Web Server In Our System So We Can Use It For Development And Testing purposes.

  1. Download XAMPP From Here
  2. After Downloading Install It (Installing Is Very Simple Like Other Applications You Install)
  3. Then Open XAMPP And Start The Apache And Mysql Services.
  4. Once You Start The Services You Will See The Apache & MySQL Get Turn Into Green Color.
  5. Download Latest Version Of WordPress From Here
  6. Extract That File And Open It Then Copy The Folder And Past It To C:\xampp\htdocs
  7. Open Any Browser And Type localhost and Hit Enter. You, Will, See the Welcome Page Of Localhost.
  8. Click On phpMyAdmin Situated At Upper Left Corner.
  9. Click On Database OR New.
  10. Create Database By Entering Database Name As You Can See Below I Have Given The Name As hind
  11. Then Click On Create After That Your Database Will Be Created.
  12. Type The Url http://localhost/wordpress/
  13. You, Will, See The WordPress Very First Page Where You Have Select You Language The Click On Continue.
  14. After That, You Will Get The Page Where They Tell You That You Need 5 Things To Proceed.
    1. Database name (Our Database Is hind)
    2. Database username (Our username Will Be root)
    3. Database password (It Will Be Blank)
    4. Database host (It Will Be localhost)
    5. Table prefix (It Will Be Default wp_)
  15. Then Click On Submit After Filling These Things Into It.
  16. Click On Run the installation.
  17. Then Give Your Site Title, Username, Password, E-mail and Click On Install WordPress.

After That, You Will Get The Success Message And You Are Good To Go. Login Into Website Using Your username and password.




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