Top 5 Apps You Should Have On Your Smartphone

Top 5 Apps You Should Have On Your Smartphone

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Hello Friends all of you guys use a smartphone and we can’t live a moment without a mobile phone. but many of us are not able to use their smartphone in the right way because of the right apps not installed on their phone. so in this article, I am going to tell you about Top 5 Apps You Should Have On Your Smartphone which will make your life more easier.

We live in the ara of the information technology world. those who have more information can archive greate things. many of us is a student and doing classes at colleges and schools to gain knowledge. Because knowledge gives you the power to live a beautiful and great life. but if you will not gain the knowledge you might regret later. that’s the only point you should always use your time and strength in the right way.

That’s why I am trying to give you Top 5 Apps You Should Have On Your Smartphone. by using these apps you can save your time and strength easily. these apps will give a platform that makes sense in their own way.


In this busy world, people don’t have time to meet each other. so that’s why I am going to recommend WhatsApp messaging app you must install on your smartphone. WhatsApp is a very popular and famous messenger app in the world. the best thing about this app is it’s totally free. you don’t need to pay subscription charges while the download and creating an account. once you created an account you need to simply save the number of the person who you wanted to send a message. one more best thing about this app you can set status.

WhatsApp also caries more features like creating groups, broadcast message, send videos, photos, and documents, etc. you can also make a video call by using WhatsApp. there are also many features you will get on this app.

Mx Player

This is a video and audio player for android mobile phones. MX player is the world’s popular video player which has 5 Million downloads from the google play store. I personally use this app as a video player because MX Player gives you lots of features that will make your watching and listing experience better. this app gives you smooth control of sound and brightness which you can adjust using your finger by just dragging up and down. by using this app you can play video as an audio on your background.


Xender is a data transferring app. by using this application you can send files and folder from one android phone to another in very less time. this app became the first choice of 5 million users which is a very big number. the rating of this app is also good. the user gives 4.5 ratings on the google play store. this app is totally free to install and use. by using this app you can send any type of file.


PicsArt one of the good and popular photo editor android applications on the google play store. by using this app you can edit your pictures and make it beautiful. this app gives you the freedom to edit any kind of images like jpeg or png. The rating of this application very high on the play store. which a good sign to download and use this application for editing pictures. PicsArt comes free and paid versions too. you have to choose what you needed and what you want to use. I personally use this application for editing and manipulating my photos.


KineMaster is a Very Popular and good featured video editing apps. which has lots of good tools by using these tools you can do video editing professionally. The Rating Of this application is very awesome and good on google play store. which shows that peoples are loving this video editing application. by using KineMaster you can edit all types of videos.

also, this has features to edit green screen and chroma key. which are going to make your editing experience very awesome.


So these Top 5 Apps You Should Have On Your Smartphone. I hope you will install these applications and test them. there are also many more apps which you can install on the smartphone that gives you more flexibility in your daily life.





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